Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Texas, Part 2

by Edd Doerr

While I was en route from Dallas to Baltimore via American Airlines on Monday evening (see Texas, Reflections, below) a Texas House committee was hearing testimony on a bill, HB 33, to provide massive state support to religious and other private schools under a voucher bill that does not use the word "vouchers". The horribly misnamed "Taxpayer Savings Grant Program" bill would actually have the state "create a voucher with no accountability that is hundreds of dollars more [$1,049 more, to be precise] on average than what the state has just proposed to spend on public education". The Republicans seem to have the votes to pass this piece of church-state melding thuggery in this special session.

Republicans are trying to pull the same sort of coprological shenanigans in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Arizona. If Americans don't wake up, our great US public education system will go down the sewer, to be replaced by multiple systems of sectarian brainwashing centers.

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