Friday, May 25, 2012

The "Global Gag Rule" Goes to Europe

According to Allan Carlson, the most important challenge of the 21st century is "demographic implosion" (so I guess human population is not rising fast enough for this guy?). One of the main factors of this "crisis" is gay marriage, he says.

By Hos
The Global Gag Rule is a US presidential policy according to which health related organizations that receive financial aid from the US may not have anything to do with abortion. This includes providing abortions, advocating legalization of abortion, or even discussing therapeutic abortion with their patients. The rule has been in place on and off since 1984. Like clockwork, the republicans reinstate this rule they take the White House and the democrats repeal it when they come in. It has done tremendous harm to reproductive health organizations as they must choose between discussing health related options fully with their patients or seeing their funding cut off.

Now, a member of European Parliament from Spain is circulating a petition asking the European Union to do the same. He unveiled it at the World Congress of the Families, an ultraconservative gathering that wants to remove women from the workforce.

The international organizer of this gathering is the religious right organization Howard Center. One of their employees, Allan Carlson, is directly involved with this event.

While the fate of the petition for the Global Gag Rule in Europe is not clear, it is just one example of the tremendous harm the religious right is trying to do all over the globe.


Carl said...

Another great example of religion doing harm to women and gays.

Edd.Doerr said...

Isn't Carlson the nutjob who works for the rightwing Rockford Foundation? -- Edd Doerr

Anonymous said...

Great job.
How did you find this information? Do you read El Pais that often?