Monday, January 07, 2013

Reflecting on HumanLight 2012

By Gary Berg-Cross

HumanLight 2012 got some national press.  At least HuPo had an article called  “Secularists Add New Holiday To Crowded December Calendar.”

They noted that:

“at least 18 groups, from New Jersey to Florida and Pennsylvania to Colorado, have ceremonies planned. And at least one government building that displays holiday scenes has added HumanLight to the roster: the county courthouse in Wabash, Ind., displays a yellow, white and red HumanLight banner on the same lawn as the Christian creche.”

Some celebrations, like the Lehigh Valley HumanLight Celebration were posted on EventBrite. They featured a DJ, karaoke and an award. CFI sponsored meetup events got mentioned, but  the 3 WASH ones that I know of in the DC-Baltimore area didn’t in HUPO (the  Baltimore Coalition of Reason, Maryland one did get on the site).
Still the local one I attended had a free raffle complements of the Edwords along with some humanity-based fun and the happy sound of kids playing. Adults enjoyed conversation and "a Humanist's vision of a good future." too. The 2 pictures shown here are small snapshots from one room of the local event filled with families, good food and good dialog. A nice follow up to the happy Times at the 2011 Maryland-DC HumanLight Celebration last year.

Nationally, as noted by the American Humanist, a  HumanLight display did get on the grounds of the Wabash County Indiana courthouse.

Cultures have developed season-based rituals and in northern climes there is usually one near winter solstice. HumanLight is just a wonderful evolution of that seasonal recognition working through the joy of community bonding. Great to enjoy!

And yes it is 300 and some days until the 2013 HumanLight.

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