Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Snowed- in-Robins of 2013

Robins at a heated birdbath

by Gary Berg-Cross

Last year I could write about the robins of February. This year many of my bulbs have been up for a while but  late winter storm systems stalled bird migration in February,  Nevertheless just before our early March area snowstorm the very recognizable and social  robins were out in my neighborhood pecking at worms. It was a sunny 50-ish day so I joined their Spring celebration...Just for an afternoon there were some sign of early Spring.

March is peak migration month so the birds  are on the wing and you can track observations of them. It will be interesting to see how the adapt to these late storms and snow covering their feeding stations. Up to now it has been noted that more robins are wintering over with the expanses of lawns and golf courses offering easy meals much of the time.  This is apparently supplemented by micro climate area that host alternatives foods they can digest. When worms are scarce they can dine on juniper berries and the like.  Hopefully enough of these are left to get through the latest end of winter storm.  

Yes, by the calendar winter ends March 20th. I'm ready to celebrate it, but today I'm staying close to my shovel and loading the bird feeder with 8 inches of snow expected. 



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