Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Choice’ Fragments Schools And Undermines Democracy

Edd Doerr (President, Americans for Religious Liberty, posted
this letter  which was was published in the Sept 9 Education Week  

“’Choice’ Fragments Schools And Undermines Democracy”

Doug Tuthill’s Commentary plugging school choice was a deceptive, “fifth column” attack on public schools and the right of citizens not to be forced to support special-interest private schools and undermine democratic public education (“School Choice, an Opportunity for Students, Teachers, and Parents,” Aug 5, 2015).

While some carefully  designed “choice” plans within public school systems might be useful, who in his or her right mind cannot see that diverting public funds to a plethora of  assorted private schools, most of them by far sectarian institutions, cannot help but fragment student (and teacher) populations along religious, ideological, class, ethnic, and other lines – all while sabotaging public schools and breeding social disharmony.

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