Friday, September 04, 2015

Voice of Reason -History & More

by Edd Doerr
The Voice of Reason, published by Americans for Religious Liberty (ARL). In the event that you are not familiar with ARL, it was founded in 1982 by Humanist leaders Ed Ericson and Sherwin Wine. It has been headed since 1982 by me (Edd Doerr), a past president and vice-president of the American Humanist Association and currently a columnist and senior editor of  Free Inquiry, the journal founded by Humanist philosopher Paul Kurtz.
ARL has been involved in over 60 major church-state lawsuits. In one of them, Lamont v Wood (in which Corliss Lamont and Isaac Asimov were the lead plaintiffs), the US Court of Appeals in New York struck down US tax aid for religious schools overseas. ARL has published over two dozen books and reached millions through TV, radio and print media.

Voice of Reason (VOR) provides the most comprehensive coverage of church-state separation issues, in line with the principles of Humanist Manifesto II of 1973. VOR has published over 850 reviews of the most important books in this field. All 34 years of Voice of Reason are accessible on our website –

Here are a few other facts about ARL.

  • ARL’s very small staff has over 80 years of experience in this field and has published over 80 books.
  • ARL is solely dependent on individual donations and receives no support from  foundations.

Leading Humanists, scientists and philosophers like Isaac Asimov, Carl  Sagan, Corliss Lamont, Paul Kurtz, Ernst Mayr and Stephen Jay Gould have endorsed and supported ARL. 

You are invited to join them
It’s just $25 per year and you get the Voice of Reason journal quarterly, either by email or regular mail.

ARL, Box 6656, Silver Spring, MD 20916

Also, for a free copy of the Fall VOR issue contact, WASH MDC coordinator, Gary Berg-Cross,

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