Monday, March 21, 2005

The Culture of Life

Now that the U.S. Congress and our president have seen fit to circumvent the U.S. Constitution in order to exercise their will in private matter, a federal court prepares today to hear the latest appeal in the Terri Schiavo case (Federal Court to Hear Schiavo Case Today). One has to wonder why those most likely to believe that a better life awaits her are fighting so vigorously to prolong such a meaningless existence here on Earth.

While there may be legitimate controversy over Ms. Schiavo's supposed advance directive, and even if there were a modicum of hope that she might one day regain consciousness and some cognitive function, it is hard to imagine that this case warrants the attention of all three branches of our federal government. Perhaps Mr. Bush should be true to his ideals of vesting power in individuals to make personal decisions, and allow the appropriate courts - in this case, Florida's state courts - to intervene when necessary to resolve a family dispute.

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