Sunday, May 08, 2005

What would Jesus eat?

What could possibly explain this news item from the Houston Chronicle?

"A 1998 Purdue University survey found that religious Americans were more likely to be overweight than their nonreligious peers, a finding that should surprise no one who has sampled the fare at a church coffee hour or fish fry, to say nothing of a Jewish wedding.

Baptists were the fattest, according to the study; Jews, Muslims and Buddhists were the least overweight, though the researchers attributed this to differences in income, ethnicity and marital status rather than denomination."

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Sven Sinclair said...

I bet the differences in income, ethnicity, marital status, etc., explain the religious/nonreligious weight difference as well.

I give no weight to journalistic one-sentence summaries of scientific studies, especially if they depend on interpretation of statistics.