Monday, March 28, 2011

Scandal at the Vatican – Mafia, Sex, Money, Kidnapping, Murder

Vatican Museum

Many have been shocked and fascinated by the recent revelations of sexual abuse of minors by some members of the Catholic clergy. This was made worse by the Vatican's slow pace in acknowledging these abuses, disciplining the offenders, providing comfort to the injured, and finally being forced to give large monetary awards to them. This story has been followed closely by those who already had their doubts about organized religion.

Now, we at Secular Perspectives have been alerted to another scandal of shocking proportions involving the Vatican. Elements of this story involve Mafia money laundering, murder, suicide, kidnapping, the assassination attempt against the Pope, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and numerous other momentous events and activities.

If people think that the financial and sexual excesses that motivated Martin Luther's revolt so long ago are ancient history, it seems we are sadly mistaken. The Vatican is a powerful hierarchical organization and the Pope is said to be infallible. Alas, it appears that as Lord Acton so vividly noted, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Nothing could more vividly illustrate this axiom than a strange, convoluted story brought to us by Hos, a member of Beltway Atheists. It is a Spanish article which states (translated), “The ex prostitute Sabrina Minardi, mistress of deceased Mafia leader Enrico de Pedis, breaks her silence and details dark secrets of Italy in the 70s and 80s—Sex, Mafia and Vatican.” This long complex article by Miguel Mora can be read in Spanish at:

Hos wishes to post this long, lightly edited English translation in several parts.

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