Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heard of Barbara Smoker?

Barbara Smoker at the age of 90 is going strong as Secular Humanist in England.
She was president of National Secular society, and British Humanist association (formerly)
She toured India twice, once in 1990 and another time in 1998. I met her in 1990 in Hyderabad city and heard her speech at the Press club.
According to Barbara: All non christians would go to hell since they are heathens.
According to muslims all non muslims will land in hell (of course, Islamic hell)  since they are Kafirs.
According to Hindus all non Hindus will suffer in Hindu hell since they are Mlechaas.
Each religion has its own hell to put sinners in that place.
Barabara concluded that all religious people will land in hell but only atheists have no hell. Hence they enjoy life and that is the end of it. She received applause from the audience.
Her book: Humanism is now in its 5th edition.
See her website: http://www.barbara.smoker.freeuk.com/
by Innaiah Narisetti

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lucette said...

There is a religion that does not have a hell:

Extract from Wikipedia:

"The defining theology of Universalism is universal salvation; Universalists believe that the God of love would not create a person knowing that that person would be destined for eternal damnation. Thus, they concluded that all people must be destined for salvation. Some early Universalists, known as Restorationists and led by Paul Dean, believed there was a period of reprobation in Hell following death that preceded salvation.[1] Other Universalists, notably Hosea Ballou, denied the existence of Hell entirely." (from Wikipedia.)

The Catholic Church's claim that god and hell coexist was the origin of my first profound and irreversible religious rejection. Transubstantiation, virgin birth, Adam, Eve and their apple were not worth more attention than Santa Claus.