Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indian Humanist Heroine Dr Indumti Parekh

Indumati Parekh at right side
Edd Doerr, former president of American Humanist Association once commented:
If there should be a Noble prize for charity it should go to Indumati Parekh, the president of Indian Radical Humanist Association.  She deserves it and not Mother Teresa. How true that is!
She was the true Humanist Heroine.
She did yeoman service in Mumbai slums with medical care.
Indutai, people fondly called her, worked throughout her life as a devoted humanist.  She was a medical doctor and wife of Professor Govind D. Parekh, the Indian Humanist leader and great follower of M.N. Roy, the humanist philosopher.
Indumati built a humanist house in Mumbai where international humanist conferences were held. She died in 2002.

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