Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meeting with Edd Doerr is great experience

I introduced Dr Ms Gauri Malik, the humanist leader from India to Mr Edd Doerr, the humanist leader in USA.
We had discussions on Indian Humanist movement and contemporary situation. This happened some time ago.
Dr Gauti Malik is now retired from active humanist movement due to health reasons and she lives with her son and daughter in law in USA.
Dr Gauri Malik practiced medicine in New Delhi for long time while activily promoting humanist and renaissance movement.Her husband late Malik was writer and organizer in Indian Humanist movement.
Her father PREM NATH BAZAZ was a great writer on secularism and critique of Hinduism. His book on Gita was acclaimed as great work from humanist point of view.
Dr Gauri toured India and USA extensively to promote humanist movement.
She was happy to meet and discuss with Mr Edd Doerr on separation of state and church.

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