Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Michele Bachmann --- AAARGH!

by Edd Doerr

Let me recommend Ryan Lizza's article "Leap of Faith" in the current (August 15/22) issue of The New Yorker. It takes presidential aspirant Michele Bachmann apart and puts her back together again.

Lizza makes clear that Bachmann is a fundamentalist kook who has no respect whatever for our constitutional heritage of church-state separation. She is a follower of the late wingnut Francis Schaeffer and the Dominionists, dislikes public education, prefers homeshooling, opposes reproductive choice, has used public funds for sectarian indoctrination, supports creationism, and has recommended a book by J. Steven Wilkins that says that the US civil war was a struggle by the "Christian" Confederacy for freedom from the "godless North".

Lizza concludes that "It is a peculiarity of the current political moment that a politician with a history of pushing sectarian religious beliefs in government has become a hero to a libertarian

Don't miss this article.

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lucette said...

Bachmann claims also that Blacks had a better life when they were slaves. She must have a very narrow group of bigoted friends and advisors to come up with such incredible statements.
It demonstrates that voting for women just because they are women is idiotic.