Friday, September 23, 2011

Der Papst kommt zu Deutschland

by Edd Doerr

Well, Pope Benny came to Berlin. You've read about it in the papers. The NY and Wash Times covered the story, but the Post gave it only a couple of paragraphs. The Wash (Moonie-owned) Times also had a story (9/23) about the Catholic bishops pressing Obama to oppose same-sex marriage and quoted Pope Benny as condemning "a dictator of relativism", which, I pointed out on the Times' blog, would be thought by most Americans to be a matter of "religious liberty" or "freedom of conscience" or "governmental religious neutrality".

Speaking before the Reichstag Benny obligatorily slammed the Nazi regime but uttered not a word about how the Vatican had assisted Hitler's grabbing of dictatorial power in 1933 by allowing the Catholic Zentrum Party to vote for that power grab.

Let me hasten to add that criticizing Benny and the Vatican is not a criticism of Catholics generally. Most Catholics disagree with the Vatican and the bishops on contraception, divorce/remarriage, clerical celibacy, ordination of women, the need for church-run private schools, tax support for church-schools through tax paid vouchers, and regular church attendance. In fact, Catholics tend to vote more like Humanists that do US Protestants.

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