Friday, November 25, 2011

deer god

by Edd Doerr

deer god. my name is jimmy an i am ate yeers old an my mom takes me to sunday skool evry sunday so i can lern about the book you rote. i like to go to sunday skool becauz after we leev we go to mcdonals so i can eet a hapy meel. sumtimes sunday skool iz fun but a lot uv the time i dont reely understan evrything. like the ten comanmunts. wen you say in yer book that ther shal be no other gods in front uv you i can understan that becauz i dont like people in front uv me becauz i am short an cant see over them. but wat other gods are you tawking about. hoo are they. an you shall not steel and you shall not kill. that iz ok. i dont steel an i dont kill excep sumtimes bugs. an you shal not comit adultery. i dont understan that but i gess i dont haf to think abowt that for a long long time until i grow up an am a adult. then ther is the comanmunt to honor yer mom an dad. i like that becauz my mom an dad are nice an giv me nice things. wat i dont understan in wen you say in yer book that if eny man or maybe little kid dont hate hiz mom an dad an brother an sister he cant be my disciple i just dont understan. how can you honor yer mom an dad an at the same time hate yer mom an dad an brother an sister. that just dont make eny sens. pleez god pleez splane that to me. wen i ast my sunday skool teecher she just told me that ther are sumthings you just haf to beleev even if they dont make no sense. so pleez god help me owt.

i have to go to bed now. good nite.

yer frend jimmy

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Don Wharton said...

Edd, this one was just outragously funny. Thanks!