Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Palinization of the GOP

by Don Wharton
The Washington Post has an excellent opinion piece by Kathleen Parker on The Palinization of the Gop. It talks about the anti-science, anti-elite, anti-intellectual Republican base. I used my DCHumanist signon to post the following comment:

I fear for our country if these uninformed people with demented ideas about how the world works actually take power. Gingrich, while less uninformed, is perhaps the most frightening of the bunch. He has made it clear that he will eviscerate the courts if they make any attempt to support the separation of church and state. He would pave the way for the coming theocracy. The rise of the American version of the Taliban is not something that all of our religious citizens will want to see. Because, the hard right worships a God who happens to be a thug. The Christians who feel that they are getting messages from a loving God will be most distressed when they find that we are ruled by imaginary messages from a thuggish God.


Gary Berg-Cross said...

There are various reasons to be concerned about the spectrum of Republican candidates. After 2000 I used to worry that Newt Gingrich might eventually get the nomination and win. Now he has peers that I can be as concerned about, but one aspect of Newt karma that stands out is the vicious ways that he goes after the opposition. While some of his political positions can be nuanced what he willing to say about people on the other side in in the Foxian extreme camp. One example is/was his slam-attacks on Nancy Pelosi after 9/11 calling her and left wing democrats using words such as 'Lied,' 'Despicable,' 'Dishonest,' 'Vicious,' See

Edd.Doerr said...

Don and Gary hit the nail on the head. A modest proposal: We should postpone most of the arguing over the existence or nonexistence of deities and such until we get the country out of danger from the loonies. That means drawing our circle large enough to include the religious liberals and moderates who share our concern about the "Palinization" of the GOP.