Monday, November 21, 2011

What is after life ?

After death- what?

Majority of people believe after life. If there is something after death, what is it? 
The dead body is burnt by some, creameted by some, donated to  hosptals  by few and these practices are common. If the body dies , it means along with it the brain dies. That is the end of it.
Now the question arises. What is it that survives after the death of body, brain ?
Religions jump into fray to answer this doubt. They propagated that there is soul which is subtle, which goes to heaven, hell or reborn .The believers in rebirth, reincarnation, heaven, hell have to accept this concept.
Otherwise there is no meaning in after life..Who will decide the fate of soul after death of the body?  All religions created the concept of God to sustain this belief. By the way, what is soul?
Soul is not available for touch, not visible, and thus it is very subtle. Where is it in the body?
Human body is full of proteins, coded by DNA.Brain is filled with neurons which are well connected in synoptic form.The thinking, memories and all functions are done by brain. Hence brain plays vital role in the body. The death ends brain. What is popularly known as MIND is only the total function of brain.  There is nothing to function after death. Then, where is the soul? There is no separate existence for mind without brain.
It is only in blind belief. All religions survive on the blind belief of soul, God, heaven, hell etc. Once the belief in soul is blindly accepted without question, then the game starts. All stories are woven around soul, which has to be save through prayer. How to pray, what to pray, whom to pray  -all such things are the monopoly of religion, priests. To sustain this belief system, holy books are created by religions, Though so called holy books are written by people at various stages, they are propagated in the name of God. Then only people who are believers will accept. To interpret the subtle meaning of holy books, the middlemen between God and humans, there are priests. They have the grip over the beliefs of prople.
All religions are perpetuated as hereditary. Parents give their religious beliefs to children. There is no choice for children to opt for their religion or non religion. Since birth the children are brain washed with belief system of parents. Hence it is very difficult, for persons to come out of that belief which inculcated into their brains since birth. That is how the children of muslims are muslims, children of Christians are Christians, Hindus are hindus, Buddhists are buddists and so on. Even the educated persons are not ble to come out of this childhood influence. They separate education from belief.
If soul, God, heaven, hell are questioned , they cannot stand. Similarly life after death cannot stand for scientific evidence.
Innaiah Narisetti

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