Friday, December 16, 2011

Great Loss to Humanist world-Hitchens dies

Christopher Hitchens, the author of GOD IS NOT GREAT
died on 15 dec 2011. It is great loss to atheist, humanist,rationalist, secular world. I express my deep sorrow at his demise.
I translated his best seller: God is not great into Telugu ( Indian language) with his permission and presented a copy to him on the stage at CFI function in Washington DC. Earlier I met him during the Atheist allinace convention organised by Margaret Downey in Washington DC during 2008.He told me his tour experiences in India and wished to travel again.
Innaiah Narisetti

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lucette said...

Hitchens' courage in facing his death is wonderful. His chronicle of the progress of his illness and how he tried to handle it is a great humanistic gift to all of us.
Thanks Hitch.