Wednesday, February 15, 2012


by Edd Doerr

For unknown reasons this site will not let me post a response to a comment following my piece below on language-based charter schools. So let me respond here ---

I am accused of ignorance and "religious prejudice". Not so. I am aware that there are Christian Arabs, but they are quite distinct from Muslims, many of whom are not Arabs. Also, the Hebrew charter school in New York is diverse largely because of Christian evangelical kids learning Hebrew so that they can proselytize in Israel.

I am a former Spanish teacher. My wife and I translated and published in Spanish Humanist rabbi Sherwin Wine's (AHA's 2003 Humanist of the Year) book Staying Sane in a Crazy World (Como mantener la cordura en un mundo loco). Our kids were raised bilingually from birth, and I have lectured in Spanish in the US and Mexico.

To accuse me of ethnocentrism or "religious prejudice" is absurd.

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