Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maryland Elections: School Vouchers

This letter was published in the Montgomery Gazette on 3/21/12:

'Polls show little support for school vouchers'

"Republican Daniel Bongino has little chance of beating Democrat Ben Cardin in Maryland's US Senate race, especially with his support for the diversion of public funds to sectarian private schools through a voucher scheme.

"Last year's Gallup poll on education showed opposition to vouchers at 65% to 34%, almost exactly the average percentage by which vouchers or their variants have been voted down in 26 statewide referenda from coast to coast, including two here in Maryland.

"Edd Doerr, Silver Spring (president, Americans for Religious Liberty)"


As a writer and editor (books, articles, poetry, fiction, 40+ years of columns in Humanist journals) for 60+ years, I have also published several thousand letters to the editor in newspapers and magazines across the US, plus in recent years several thousand blog comments. The point I wish to make is that especially in this crucial election year, all Humanists need to get into the game. It is not rocket science. All it takes is will and effort. Try it. You'll like it. Start out with newspaper blogs and then try your hand at letters to the editor. I would be happy to provide examples. (Edd Doerr, Box 6656, Silver Spring, Md 20916)

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