Sunday, July 08, 2012

"I Love Death as You Love Life"

By Hos
Mohamed Merah, the Muslim terrorist who had murdered 7 people, was killed during the siege of his home by the police last March in Toulouse, France. Merah's victims included Jews and Muslims. Apparently those Muslims were not faithful enough for Merah, because they had joined the French armed forces.
Now, a French TV channel has aired parts of recorded negotiations between Merah and the police. Statements made by the terrorist offer a glimpse into the radical Islamic psyche: he is calm, with no hint of nervousness or fear. Merah confirms having contacted Al Qaeda in Pakistan, and says that among the Jihadis there were French, German and Spanish nationals.
He seems to have been prepared for more attacks. He claims he did not intend to kill children at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school, and it was a last minute change of plan because the army officer he had tried to kill had survived. He calls western lifestyle a "trick". He tells the police: "Be aware that you have before you a man who is not afraid of death, and I love death as much as you love life".
I know apologists for religion will never be convinced. But objectively, is there a shadow of a doubt that religion was the motive of this killing spree? He killed fellow Muslims that he likely considered "heretics". He killed Jews for no reason other than religious hatred. And in the end, if he didn't his own death, could this be for any reason other than his belief in the afterlife?
Amusingly, his father is suing the police for murder. Is the western legal system allowing this abuse a trick, too?

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Carl said...

If you really think about it all religions love death more than life. After all their main goal is to get to their imaginary after life in the sky. So I would think all religions are death cults.