Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Humanism is Great - Let's Tweet Together

By Gary Berg-Cross

Recently there was a small twitter storm with tweets around the phrase and enphrased idea “My God is GREAT”. This is just one of topics like this including #Team_God #rtifyouloveGod (see Team God is on Twitter) where you can say things like how God/He does GREAT things! The whole thing is treated like a soul-winning reality TV show where one can show Faith, Indeed the Faith Poet has a poem on God’s Greatness.

Twitter is a popular source of instantly updated information from people out there. Tweets on Twitter are an easy way to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Clearly one of these topics rants on God’s greatness. I don’t know who started the tweet topic but you can read about the idea on mymorningti Blog which encourages people to boast on God and brag about:

“the greatness of the One who was ordering his footsteps. And as a result of that, David was able to bring joy into the lives of those around him.

Have you boasted on God lately?

Boasting on God is not just talking about what He's done for you. Boasting on God is talking about how great He is, how powerful He is, how loving He is... Hearing about the One who can do anything can make just about anyone sit up and take notice.

So, today, let's make sure we take some time to brag on our God to someone else. Let's lift up our God just because He's God. As we open up our mouths and praise our Father, we will be bringing some joy into the lives of those around us.”

OK. Fine. But what about the Freethinking community? What to we have to say we feel great about? What have we boasted about Humanism and Secular Humanism today? We have a good supply of atheism quotes etc.

Just looking quickly on Twitter on Humanism one finds good things.

Jennifer Hancock @JentheHumanist tweets #Humanism in a nutshell: Be a good person. #happyhumanist

Allen Paige @ajpaige tweets#Humanism is all about love. .

We might rally around such ideas with a phrase like “My Humanism is Great” and provide a reason like “it is all about love” with perhaps a link to a site if you know of one.

Shall we try it? For those that don’t tweet, put your ideas as comments here and we’ll get then on Twitter. Perhaps we can start a trending topic.

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