Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Isn't God Looking After His Own?

Relatives shares of Mexico's many cartels of the drug trade.

By Hos
Mexico, our neighbor to the south, is one of the world's most crime ridden countries in the world. Corruption levels are through the roof. Numerous drug cartels, often violently clashing with one another and the government, share the lucrative drug trafficking "industry". All of which should be puzzling, since it also happens to be an extremely religious nation, where everyone supposedly is a devout catholic or evangelical.
In the most recent instance of breakdown of law and order, an armed gang assaulted a christian youth camp and went on a rampage of violence that went on for many hours, apparently, with total impunity.
My deepest sympathies are with the victims of this (not so isolated) outrage. But I wonder, will they ever be asking themselves, why their god allows this to happen in Mexico? Is this just a "test of their faith"? Or is it that god is totally out of the picture because he gave us "free will", while nonetheless still claiming credit when we do good things?

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