Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Catholic VP

by Edd Doerr

Whoever wins on Nov 6 we will have a Catholic vice president. Melinda Henneberger addressed this subject in her Nov 10 column in the Washington Post-- rather sloppily, I thought. Following is the comment I posted on line. Please note that nothing I  wrote is incompatible with my being a confirmed secular humanist.

"Henneberger looks at Biden and Ryan through a distorted lens. Joe Biden is a modern, Vatican II, William Brennan, Nuns on the Bus, social justice, National Catholic Reporter kind of Catholic. Paul Ryan is a throwback, a pre-Vatican II, Pius XII, Paul VI, Inquisition, clericalist sort, the kind of reactionary who wants to impose his misogynist medieval morality and theology on everyone by law. Ryan's type of thinking is why so many Catholics today have little regard for the bishops and the Vatican. As an alumnus of Catholic schools I prefer the Joe Biden type of Catholic. -- Edd Doerr ("

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True or False: the Second Vatican Council condemned abortion.