Saturday, March 30, 2013

Excrement de Renard (Fox Poo)

a review by Edd Doerr

The Freedom Answer Book, by Judge (!) Andrew P. Napolitano (Thomas Nelson, 2012, 269 pp., $14.99)

Years ago in Paris I came across a gallery of works by living artists who could each display two items for a small fee. Great stuff.  I spent most of a day there. One watercolor by a painter whose acquaintance I made was a cartoonish map of Paris with little labels on monuments, churches, etc. Something tiny on a sidewalk bore the label "Excrement de chien" (dog poo). There is so much dog poo on the sidewalks there that special sanitation workers on motorcycles mounted with large vacuum cleaners patrol the sidewalks slurping up the stuff.

Well, Napolitano's book suggests the label "Excrement de Renard" (fox poo) because the author, a retired New Jersey judge,  is "Senior Judicial Analyst" for the Faux -- er, Fox News Channel.

The book is one long slam at US courts and lawmakers who ignore Natural Law, whatever the hell that is, and undermine the Constitooshun, at least in Napolitano's fevered imagination. He attacks all federal legislation that attempts to restrict the predations of 1890s Robber Barons; opposes income and sales taxes (but gives no clue as to how government is to be supported); advocates repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments (income taxes; direct election of senators); excoriates Lincoln; blames FDR for Pearl Harbor; outRomneys Romney; and displays a sad case of political paranoia.

For all his huffing and puffing about freedom, Napolitano writes nary a word about the embattled freedom of conscience of women on reproductive matters or the beleaguered freedom of Americans from taxation to support religious institutions, two major headaches facing the US today.

To top it off, the book was produced by a major conservative publisher of Bibles and religious materials that outsourced the printing of  it to -- Mon Dieu! -- China!

BTW, I did not buy the book; I got a free review copy. And as soon as I finish this review I will consign it to the recycle bin.

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Don Wharton said...

It makes you wonder how these people get so completely disconnected from anything that the rest of us would see as real.