Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gosnell's House of Horrors

by Edd Doerr

The following comment was posted in the Washington Post (on line) on 5/14/2013 ---

News coverage of and opinions voiced about Gosnell's housde of horrors clinic in Philadelphia have generally left out somethng very important: the fact that so many poor women in need of abortions could find no accessible alternative to this disgraceful outfit. The remedies: comprehensive sexuality education in public schools, ready access to contraceptives and family planning services, abortion providers that meet decent medical standards (as most do), broad compliance with the new healthcare law's mandate for insurance coverage for contraception, and, lastly, serious attention to the poverty that is increasing in our country and the growing gap between the small percentage of the wealthy and all the rest of us.

What the vociferous anti-choice and anti-Planned Parenthood movement doesn't grasp is that good comprehensive sexuality education, readier access to contraception and the reduction of poverty  would actually shrink the need and demand for abortion, especially procedures after 12 weeks.

Finally, it needs to be recognized that the anti-choice movement is actually  seeking to impose their unscientific and unbiblical misogynist patriarchalist religious opinions on all women,in violation of women's religious freedom and rights of conscience.

Edd Doerr (arlinc.org)

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