Monday, July 01, 2013

Lights, camera, Religo-Conservative Action! A new Front on the Culture Wars

By Gary Berg-Cross


Despite what Former Pennsylvania Senator, and foot-in-mouth 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum says, I was surprised to read that he has joined the movie industry.  Well  a very faith-based movie studio.  As reported in the Washington Times Rick will be the new CEO of the Dallas, Tx-based EchoLight. 
Wow, Texas is really gathering some conservative culture warriors.  Let the culture wars begin!  Well I guess they haven’t stopped just getting ready to ramp up.


Santorum was interviewed by The Christian Post at the International Christian Retail Show at the America's Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Mo and offered this.

"I've been involved in the culture for a long time.


Yes, the culture.  Christian/Catholic culture. Bashing the Gays.  Wars on Women type cultural discussion.  All to be toned down and slid into subliminal, entertaining but progandistic stories. 

“I think we have an opportunity to present good, quality, entertaining content for folks out there who don’t believe that what’s being produced in Hollywood is meeting their values in a way they feel comfortable,” 

To be fair Rick has inspired some media culture. He reportedly inspired 'True Blood' Season 5, so says series creator Alan Ball.


If you are behind what the Christian right is selling you can catch up with guidance from They already list best-selling Christian videos.


                 Last Ounce of Courage - DVD
Last Ounce of Courage - DVD

This Is Our Time - DVD

Left Behind: The 4-DVD Boxed Collection

Kirk Cameron presents: Monumental - DVD

Love Comes Softly Complete Set - 10 DVD Collection

The Book of Esther - DVD

Divination - DVD

Home Run - DVD


The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - Print
I must admit that I couldn't find reviews of these on Rotten Tomatoes, so I don't know how ripe they are.  

Now EchoLight has entered to help get the word, I mean Word out:


EchoLight Studios and the Support Military Foundation have teamed up to help entertain and inspire families around the world. Whether you're a NASCAR fan, or have a loved one in the military, or just love watching movies together, we hope that these movies will move you. 

EchoLight Studios, founded only in 2011, is the first vertically integrated faith-based movie studio to offer production financing, marketing and distribution across all releasing platforms according to a release from the organization. Here’s an example from their site.


The Redemption of Henry Myers

It’s not who you are. It’s who you become. EchoLight’s first theatrical release rides into theaters this fall. 

It’s already in the unholy, holy alliance business having partnered with Lynchburg, Va.-based Liberty University to produce films from that school’s cinematic arts program. First a stream of Liberty U lawyers, now this.  

I know what films the T-party Reps will be screening in coming years.

I sure hope we don’t have an EchoLight Film Fest for a while.


EchoLight images, from their site.

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