Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Another Pastafarian Sighting

by Gary Berg-Cross

Two years ago we faithfully reported that the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM)" had gone viral. That was a story out of Austria about Niko, a self-proclaimed atheist, who applying for a new driver's  license wearing a strainer as 

"religious headgear. "

Well it has happened again in 2013.  This time its been reported that a  Czech freethiker named Lukas Novy who received legal permission to wear a colander on his head as part of an identification photo.

He made the reasonable argument that he was a devout "Pastafarian" and the past  bowl was a religious garment per his belief.

As reported in the Prague Daily Monitor:

"Czech officials ruled that rejecting his request would be a breach of the country’s religious equality laws, and have subsequently turned the other cheek as the 28 year old, from Brno, updated his ID card with the controversial image."
They also note that the  Church of the Spaghetti Monster first emerged in the USA in 2005 as a mockery of organised religion. 
"Now the thousands of online followers insist that 'Pastafarianism' is a genuine religion, and refer to their almighty as 'His Noodliness'".
Let noodliness reign.

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