Friday, September 06, 2013

Rafferty Rides Again

a review by Edd Doerr

A Fit of Pique: Dispatches from the Culture Wars, by John Rafferty, On Paper, 2013,  224 pp. $16.95.

John Refferty is president of the Secular Humanist Society of New York and editor of the organization's newsletter, Pique. This charming book is a collection of a dozen years of his writings in that journal on every subject imaginable. Following is my blurb about the book, included opposite its title page ---

"John Rafferty's refreshing, wide-ranging writings for Pique are comparable to those of Mark Twain or Ambrose Bierce. A Fit of Pique is a delightful garden of gems, a garden well fertilized by the droppings -- er, -- mindless utterances and deeds of the Religious Right.

"Edd Doerr, peesident of Americans for Religious Liberty and columnist in Free Inquiry"

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