Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adam and Eve

by Edd Doerr

If you are looking for some chuckles let me recommend Mark Twain's  58-page story "The Diary of Adam and Eve", first published in 1893 and republished by Modern Library in 1996 and probably elsewhere as well. The usual Twain incisive humor.

And then there is the Mexican movie titled "Adam and Eve" that I  watched in a cinema in South America many years ago. The film script came straight from the Book of Genesis, gravely intoned by a solemn narrator. The two non-speaking central characters were played by a French former Miss Universe and a Mexican wrestler. Modesty was maintained by Eve's rather long hair and by strategically placed bushes, of the botanical, not the political, sort (though the last two Bushes to hold high office in Washington and Tallahassee did have a kind of moldy putrescent aura).

Seeing this tale on the wide screen  or through Mark Twain's eyes is enough to give pause to anyone thinking of taking  the Scriptures literally.

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