Friday, February 14, 2014

Bobby in the Twilight Zone

by Edd Doerr

Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, addressing an audience on Feb 13 at the Reagan presidential library, made the wild claim that liberals are engaging in a "silent war" on religion. How? By using the Affordable Care Act's health insurance mandate to protect the right of employees to coverage of contraception. He also claimed that liberals will try to pass laws to pressure churches to perform same-sex marriages, despite the fact that our church-state separation principle does  not permit government interference with churches' right to make follow their own rules on marriages.

Jindal avoided mentioning that he and his GOP legislature have been forcing all Louisiana taxpayers to contribute to the support of pervasively sectarian private schools.

Jindal and his pals are themselves conducting a not-so-silent war on religious liberty, on public education, and on church-state separation.

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Y Honeybunch said...

There are many people who are like Jindal here in Malaysia. I am sick of them. I am a girl and I am sick of Islamists in my country keep saying how women who don't cover their heads will go to hell etc. Here in Malaysia, there are some liberals who want to turn Malaysia into a secular country (Malaysia currently has Islam as state-religion), ban polygamy, abolish apostasy law, remove Islam from official status of Malaysia and separate religion from state. In my opinion, it is really good to turn Malaysia into a first world country. Religion / belief should be in the heart of individual, not to be enforced to people. But the Islamists are strongly against what the liberals want to be. Many Malaysian Muslims are highly indoctrinated so they use their brain less when it comes to religious-secular issue and just blindly follow and accept what their religious teachers say and teach them. Religion has caused so much problems in the world, including Malaysia.