Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Krauthammer's "Wolf Howl"

by Edd Doerr (

Far right whacko columnist Charles Krauthammer devoted his May 1 Wash Post column, “God, man and Henry VIII”, to a vicious attack on the Masterpiece/PBS series “Wolf Hall”, based on Hilary Mantel’s award winning novels about Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More. Below are the comments I posted on line in the Post. By the way, an excellent review of the “Wolf Hall” series is Emily Nessbaum’s column “Queens Boulevard” in the May 4 New Yorker, -- Edd

Krauthammer, as usual, gets it all wrong. Yes, 16th century politics in England (and the rest of Europe) was a bloody mess. But were it not for Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell breaking up the powerful monolithic church there would be no United States as we know if today, a prosperous pluralistic democratic republic with religious freedom and separation of church and state. Instead, we would probably have from the Arctic Circle to Patagonia a vast banana republic or something resembling Franco's Spain.

As usual, Krauthammer is shilling for the conservative zillionaires and theocrats who would take our country back the the Middle Ages.

Several comments [posted here] refer appropriately to Krauthammer's admiration for Pinochet and Milton Friedman, which backs what I wrote above. Sadly, today's Republicans are following Friedman's adviceand are pushing to undermine our public schools by diverting public funds to selective private schools that fragment our school population along religious, ideological, class, ethnic and other lines. -- Edd Doerr

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