Saturday, August 29, 2015

Can Vouchers Fix Vegas’s Schools? No says Edd

(Aug 26) New York Times ran an op ed, “Can Vouchers Fix Vegas’s Schools?”, by U of Nevada English prof Brittany Bronson. Here is the response Edd Doerr  posted on line  --

Nevada's Republican-rammed-through school voucher plan clearly is out of sync with the state's constitution (Article XI, Sections 2, 9 and 10). If the Republican lawmakers had done the honorable thing and allowed the state's voters a say, they would surely have voted the voucher plan down. How do we know? Because voters in the surrounding states of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Colorado have rejected vouchers or their variants eleven (!) times by two to one margins over the years. And the 47th annual PDK/Gallup education poll released on August 23 showed opposition to vouchers nationwide by 57% to 31%. The poll showed that even Republicans are divided on vouchers 46% to 46%.

Fewer than 5% of Nevada's kids attend private schools, most of them run by churches. So the voucher plan is clearly a blatant all-out attack on public education and religious liberty, the right of citizens not to be forced by government to support religious institutions. The plan can only promote the fragmentation of the school population along religious, ideological, social class, ethnic, ability level and other lines.

Sadly, diverting public funds to private schools is now standard Republican policy nationwide, including the positions of all of the GOP presidential aspirants.

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Allen said...

To blanket state that the reason not to support school vouchers is that parochial schools could be included in the voucher system is short sighted and narrow minded. The fact is that for many of our nation's kids the public school system fails them. for many of us white middle class individuals living in relatively good to very good school districts means that we can 'help' others by having their children forced to endure crumbling, unsafe, and failing schools. Of course, we know better than they do; after all they're poor and we...well, we just know better.

If you lived in Anacostia and your child had the option to go to a school like Sandy Springs Friends or Bullis or any other private school, what would your feeling be about vouchers?