Sunday, September 06, 2015

Linda LaScola & Caught in the Pulpit

By Gary Berg-Cross

Daniel C. Dennett &  Linda LaScola’s book,  Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind  is now out in paperback.  It’s full of philosophical and
sociological insights. But in addition as Mary Johnson, author of An Unquenchable Thirst notes, reading the sometimes confessional stories of doubting clergy has been likened to listening in on intimate, even confession-like conversations.

As A.C. Grayling, he of The Good Book, notes the conversations reveals an important truth.  It uncovers the doubt within religious professionals and adds to our sense that religion itself is a lie propped by an hypocrisy that some choose to keep living what they come to see & know is a lie.

You can see Andy Thomson of the Richard Dawkins Foundation interviewing Linda LaScola on "Caught in the Pulpit" here.

And/or you can see Linda in person this Oct. 2-4 at the WASHcon15 Regional meeting in. Lynchburg Downtown Holiday Inn.  She may have some updates on the Play version of Caught in the Pulpit.
The WASHcon15 event will feature actor, speaker and entertainer John Davidson on Saturday night and activist Margaret Downey as MC during the event. 

Other announced speakers besides Linda LaScola are Andy Thomson (author and psychiatrist) himself and:

·                     Ron Lindsay, Center for Inquiry President and CEO , 
·                     Julien Musolino, author and scholar 
·                     Tom Flynn, Executive Director Council for Secular Humanism 
·                     Dr. Jason D. Heap, United Coalition of Reason Executive Director  

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