Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A View of Secular Perspective Activities

by Gary Berg-Cross
Viewers and readers of Secular Perspective get to see content, but may have no idea of how busy and growing the blog site is. This was a point made at a recent get together in Rockville. So here are some statistics available to editors of the site.
First a view of this past week shows the jagged path through the week peaking on Satureday browsing. The top five blog articles visited - a recent one on "Complex issues" that had 48 views (6 per day) , while a post almost a year old on Memes still got 34 views.
Most of the visitors come as a result of Google queries and these are from North America although some stories grab attention from Europe. The numbers for the week were:

United Kingdom 13 Canada 11 Russia 10 France 8 India 7 Australia 4 Italy 4 Japan 4 and Germany 3
A snapshop of the day's activity show that recent articles have grabbed some attention. "Poor reasoning" had 22 reads in the last day, while "Religion and the Arab Spring" has had 12 views.
Perhaps the most interesting view is what is called "All Time" shown at the top of the article. This goes back a year to see the most visited blog articles. The winner is one on "Pyschological Harm of Traditional Christian Behavior" with 651 hits. An article on the Flying Spaghetti Monster comes in 2nd at 587 follwed closely by the "Binary Thinking Habit".
As you can see from the trend of use the site has jumped up from modest beginnings in the fall of 2010 and has grown to a steady rate of some 100 hits a day (3ooo+ per month). However with the new year in January, the site has exceeded 4000 hits for the first time

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