Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earthquakes and the National Debt: What Do They Have in Common?

From Hos
Via Ed Brayton

Religious nutjobs all around the world have the bizarre habit of attributing everything they don't like to... sex. A notable example being Boobquake, when a number of ladies with an unmatched sense of humor poked fun at the notorious cleric Kazem Sedighi of Iran, who somehow tied "dressing immodestly" to earthquakes. (No word on whether the 2011 earthquake in Japan was the ladies' fault).

But he is not alone. Just now, we are learning that "the promotion and practice of sex outside of marriage is doing more to increase the national debt more than any other single factor".

And I keep thinking the debt might have had something to do with tax breaks for the top one percent, runaway Pentagon expenses, or aging population. How could I have been so naive.

It is just amazing how two men of God, from different cultures and different parts of the world, have almost identical delusions.

As Voltaire said, if "God didn't exist, we would would be necessary to invent him".
For the laughs, perhaps?

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