Friday, April 06, 2012

Panzer-Pope Pontificates on Priorities

by Edd Doerr

On April 5 His Arrogance Benedict XVI denounced "disobedience" in the religious institution of which he claims to be head, singling out for special criticism priests and other Catholics who have spoken in favor of ordaining women, allowing priests to marry, and permitting priests to give communion to divorced Catholics who remarried without getting a church annulment. His Arrogance had nothing to say, however, about the long drawn out worldwide clergy sexual abuse scandals and coverups.

Meanwhile, also during "Holy Week", courts in Philadelphia and Kansas City are proceeding with prosecutions of church officials for allegedly covering up or abetting clergy sexual abuse.

Benny the Panzer is evidently trying to shrink Catholicism to a hard core of fundamentalists, the sort that are attracted to the likes of Rick Santorum.

Lest I be accused of bigotry, let me hasten to express my admiration for the many Catholics, prominent or otherwise, who are constructive, liberal citizens and leaders, people like the late Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, President John F. Kennedy, the late congressman and priest Robert Drinan, the fine Democratic Catholics in the US Senate and House, groups like Catholics for Choice, and publications like the National Catholic Reporter.

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Hos said...

He said nothing about the freshly breaking scandal of children being kidnapped at catholic institutions either. Like the other stories involving the church and children, it seems to have been going on for decades, involving nations all over the globe.
The Holy See is a gift that keeps on giving.