Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bad News: It's Official

Maryland Flags
So, they've done it again.
The bigots have managed to put marriage equality on the ballot. This time in my home state of Maryland, where it is recognized already. They will stop at nothing to roll back the progress we've made in social justice. Even though according to the polls the majority of residents of Maryland support equality, when it comes to ballots, the polls are often meaningless; churches and other anti-equality organizations have the money and organization to sway the results the way they please.
It is important to work against the latest scheme of enemies of equality. If you live in Maryland, turn out and vote for equality in November. If you don't, please spread the word.


Carl said...

We have the same bigotry in Minnesota on the ballot for this November so I am voting against these religious bigots. My only hope is that it will fail even though it shouldn't be on the ballot and marriage equality should be legal for everyone.

Edd.Doerr said...

This was expected. Now we get to work to defeat the damn referendum.

Don Wharton said...

What is so astonishing is that for the bigots it is asserted that being against marriage equality is somehow a good thing when they cannot point to any real world evidence that a policy of bigotry actually produces any positive consequences for anyone. Even the claim that children do better with a father and a mother would not make a difference even if it were true. Gays and lesbians are increasingly raising children because they want to and whatever the laws are they will do it anyway. These people are no longer going to exist in pretend marriages with people they are not attracted to so they can have a family. The only policy difference is very real families will not have the legal protections they deserve if the bigots get their way.

Gary Berg-Cross said...

You may have a heard an argument against letting Gays adopt since it is has been shown that heterosexual mom and dad families have higher rates of "success" with kids.

This is used to imply that a 2 parent homosexual family would do worse, but the heterosexual family was being compared to one parent families. It's not fair to generalize the result to GLBT couples.