Friday, June 01, 2012

Luis Granados June talk

by Gary Berg-Cross

Luis Granados
a Washington, DC attorney and a student of the scandals of religious history will speak Saturday June 2nd at Wheaton Library about his "God Experts" blog & his first ebook, "Damned Good Company,"Damned Good Company – A ‘Profiles in Courage’ for Humanists” - a collection of stories of humanist heroes through the ages who bucked the prevailing God experts. See

“Damned Good Company,” an ebook, tells 20 stories of individuals who stood up against the prevailing religious wisdom, from Socrates to Frederick II to the housewife who nearly nipped Mormonism in the bud. His talk will focus on one of these stories: the conflict between Manuel Azaña, leader of the secular Spanish Republic in the 1930s, who was brought down by Benito Mussolini, the lapsed atheist who collaborated with the Catholic Church to chase his dreams of empire.

Luis' weekly God Experts blog relates a current headline or anniversary to a curious episode from the past.

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