Sunday, June 03, 2012

Revivalism in India and among Indians in USA

India is now travelling backwards and ignoring the secular trends. Children are taught from childhood all sorts of blind beliefs and polluting the tender minds.Indians who migrated to USA are also following the same trend. They construct temples,believe in astrology, numerology, observe caste, and religious prejudices. Instead of following scientific method, they are walking backwards. They worship the holy books though they are full of irrational thoughts and goes against human rights, equality. It is time to reverse this bad trend. To start with it is necessary to go through the book written by late V.R.Narla : The truth about Gita, published by Prometheus books in USA
Innaiah Narisetti


Hos said...

This is absolutely a shame. Indian immigrants are among the brightest and best educated of minorities in the US. There can be no hope for change unless some of them step up to the plate and take a stance for skepticism, publicly and proudly.

Nixen Paul said...

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