Monday, June 18, 2012

Shocker: Most Stable Nations Most Secular Ones

By Hos

The Foreign Policy magazine has come up with its 2012 list of failed states. For the hundreds of millions of people living there, life is no fun. If God exists, I am sure he loves them, he just has a funny way of showing it.
But when I saw this map it reminded me of another one I saw no too long ago ago. I could put my finger on it after some thinking: the map of unbelief, put together based on the works of sociologist Phil Zuckerman.

Atheists Agnostics Zuckerman en

The relationship is far from perfect, yet the point is clear. Generally, more stable nations happen to be the more secular ones.

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Zorn said...

I am fairly sure that a guy wrote a book about crime vs religiosity in America and although he thought he would find that crime was not related to religion at all (showing that crime did not decrease due to religion) he actually found that crime in the US went up as you went to more religious areas.