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Evelyn Trent, rare book by Innaiah Narisetti

Evelyn Trent, wife of  M.N. Roy, was a mystery in political circles for a long time. That

mystery was solved for the first time with the publication of this
book by Dr Innaiah Narisetti.
M.N.Roy the internationally known political philosopher  married in 1917
Evelyn Trent, a Stanford University graduate  in  political science..  From 1917 to  1925 she
  collaborated both with M.N.Roy in the physical and intellectual   development of the international
communist movement in the Soviet Union, Mexico, and Europe.
In this period she  was known as Santi Devi M.N.Roy wrote his Memoirs of his activities in this period, which were serialized in the Indian Radical Humanist
weekly,  and were later published as a book in Bombay. But surprisingly he did not
mention her name nor about his  life with her. Hence the
mystery remained and even close associates of M N Roy were not aware of
Evelyn Trent.
But things cannot be hidden for long. Muzafar
Ahmed recorded In the history of communist
party of India the role of Evelyn Trent as  the founder member of Indian
communist party in exile at Tashkent  in 1920.
Earlier In 191? Evelyn Trent travelled  with M N Roy to Mexico, they
founded  the communist party of Mexico the first toutside soviet union.  This brought Roy and Trent to the attention of  Lenin,  leader of the international communist
movement at the time.

On his invitation both Roys travelled to Soviet Union in 1919 and
there Evelyn taught in the international political school.
She published  articles under thename: Santi Devi. In addition
She   was managing  the international journals: Masses, and Imprecor published from (give city name) when Roy was busy travelling .

Dhan Gopal, poet from India and a friend of Jawaharlal Nehru, who was at
Stanford University  from 1910   introduced Evelyn to M N Roy.
Evelyn the 8 th child of  Mr Lamartine, mining engineer, was

brilliant student.
Again for reasons not known to the public, M N Roy and Evelyn
separated in 1925 and she returned to USA where she settled and died

in 1970.
Several eminent scholars on political science interviewed Evelyn
through Robert C.North, the political science professor in Stanford
But she preferred to remain anonymous.
M N Roy was supposed to be a truthful person,  but did not tell truth about
his first wife. He married (give first name also) Allen later and lived in India.
Dr Innaiah Narisetti researched the contributions of  Evelyn Trent and
gathered several valuable information about her. The Institute of social
sciences at Amsterdam supplied him some of her papers. He also interviewed the

son of Evelyn Trent`s sister namely Mr Diven Merideth in Los Angeles
during 1990s.
This book on Evelyn with all the available documentation is the first of its kind in the world.
We are able  to make  this available as e-book for the first time.

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