Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The School Voucher Conspiracy

by Edd Doerr

Diversion of public funds to mostly pervasively sectarian private schools through school vouchers or tuition tax credits (tax code vouchers) is an uncontestably serious movement to wreck church-state separation, undermine religious freedom, and destroy religiously neutral public education. The threat is spelled out in detail in my comprehensive 23-page position paper titled "The Great School Voucher Fraud", which is available for download on the Americans for Reigious Liberty web site --

A totally different but equally important paper on the  same subjetr is Rachel Tabachnick's 9-page document "The Right's 'School Choice' Scheme",  available for download from the Summer 2012 issue of "The Public Eye", published by Political Research Associates. Google to their web site.

Republican legislatures in Indiana and Louisiana have passed devastating school voucher plans in the last two years, and Florida will have a referendum on  vouchers (Amendment 8) in November.

Church-state separation,  religious freedom and democratic religiously neutral public schools  are central humanist values. All humanists need to get involved in these struggles.

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