Monday, August 13, 2012

“There is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.”

By Hos
There are the words of Mitt Romney, delivered last May at the Liberty "University" founded by the late Jerry Falwell. This "University" is the hotbed of young Earth creationism where students pay regular visits to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, not to learn, but to dis science. But I could never describe Liberty  better than Bill Maher did: "this is the University you flunk out of if you get the answers right".
Oh, and the "Liberty" in "Liberty University"? They have a lot of that too, when it comes to politics.Not.
But would a conservative really heart an institution that got half a million dollars in federal assistance in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, topping the entire State of Virginia? Isn't that anathema to the very idea of liberty, per conservatives?
If you are a secularists, Jew, Muslim, or non-fundamentalist christian, you'll have to follow the events of the next few months very carefully.


Carl said...

Actually if Romney gets in it will be the third Bush era and only the rich and brainwashed fundies who will praise his ideology. Break out the magical underwear!

Don Wharton said...

Actual Bush would be a flaming liberal compared to these lunatics.