Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Personally engineering happiness for the new year

by Gary Berg-Cross

My  friend Michael emailed me a link to a site (Action For Happiness) discussing activities that can promote happiness. Seems like  some good things to consider for the new year, especially as it starts out with gratitude and optimism which are useful, if challenging to feel at this point in History..

For Rational, Secular Humanists I would supplement these with the directed suggestions in Paul Kurtz's Affirmations of Humanism and joyful exuberance such as:

  • We believe in enjoying life here and now and in developing our creative talents to their fullest.
  • We believe in the cultivation of moral excellence.

According to my friend Michael his list is based on research that suggests the 12 activities below are among the most effective for boosting personal Happiness. 

So here is to building some individual and perhaps collective skill in happiness promoting practices: 

1 Expressing Gratitude
2 Cultivating Optimism

3. Avoiding Overthinking and Social Comparison
4 Practicing Acts of Kindness
5 Nurturing Social Relationships
6 Developing Strategies for Coping
7 Learning to Forgive
8 Increasing Flow Experiences
9 Savoring Life's Joys
10: Committing to Your Goals
11 Taking Care of Your Body (via Meditation)
                                                              12 Taking Care of Your Body (Physical Activity)

Now I don't expect to see these practiced in some important circles, like Congress, still it is important to give us all a chance to reset our lives and it may work for the rest of us.

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