Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lecture on an argument for God

This lecture discusses a philosophical argument about a popular Christian apologetic called Presuppositionalism - sometimes called the transcendental argument for God. The argument can catch people off-guard, because there are a lot of philosophically obscure issues that can be used to obscure some circular arguments.  The video of the lecture is by Bill Zuersher as an antidote.  It has a clear argument that points out the circular issues that invalidate the theistic argument.

Any members who enjoy philosophy or debating will probably like this.­


Explicit Atheist said...

The presentation was good. I particularly agree with the person in the audience who questioned the assumption of absolute knowledge that appears to be silently embedded within some of the argument (particularly on the theist side).The insistence on absoluteness is a mistake, we do not have absoluteness, and the recognization that we lack absoluteness is critical to having a sensible discussion on these topics.

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