Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Religious Nutjob and His "Final Solution" to "Gay Problem"

By Hos

Religion is a gift that keeps on giving. Every time you think men of god couldn't get any worse-they manage to come up with something even more incredible, more insane, more inhuman. The most recent example: pastor Charles L Worley of (should I ask where else?) North Carolina. He is not pleased that President Obama has endorsed gay marriage, and he has an "answer". The only issue (according to him) is that it won't "pass the congress". (The constitution, anyone?)
And what is his brilliant idea? Build an electrified fence, confine all gay people inside, feed them from the air, and let them die of old age as they "can't reproduce".
While he has every right to spew his bile, he doesn't seem to be too happy that the cat is out of the bag: he has taken it off of his website. Anyone sees any hypocrisy here?
For all the religious people who are horrified at this lunacy-and good for them-I have a question. If your scripture (New Testament as well as Old) can be used to justify this barbarism and worse, isn't it time to stop using it as a moral guide? I know it has good bits too, but don't you think every time you cite those parts to encourage any deeds, you are cracking the door a bit further open to raving lunatics like this one?


Vincent said...

You think that's bad? He's a preacher. When I last lived in Oklahoma (around 1996) the gubernatorial race was a 3-way with an independent a Republican and a Democrat. The independent got around 20+% of the vote, despite the fact that during the debates he said he thought all homosexuals should be put in prison.

Vincent said...

... Or maybe it was BECAUSE he said that?

Carl said...

There was a article in scientific America on people who were homophobic and that they could also be gay. So maybe he is and his religion is torturing him also. Hence religion destroys your sex life also.

northierthanthou said...

Pretty disgusting.